Since COVID-19 the levels of hygiene need to be kept extremely high.

We developed an innovative machine that allows application of antibacterial coatings on touch panels.


No flexible coating solution on the European market contributes to building an everyday bacteria-safe environment for the world population, which leads to a significant spread of bacteria-driven deceases through touchpoints.

Key features

Key features


gives antibacterial protection


brings the process directly to manufacturers facility


the coating can be applied at any stage of manufacturing 


allows manufacturing in small batches


The A-BACT technology allows the deposition of a transparent, antibacterial layer on a product of any size. As a result, we are able to reduce the production costs of the device by decreasing production waste.

The technology, based on titanium oxide with active ions, enables coating the product at any manufacturing stage. The layer fully retains its properties even after a whole year.

Tech advantages:


layer continuity


very good abrasion and hardness


self-cleaning (easy to maintain)


50 nm thick - the coating does not affect the quality of the touch panel


the transparency of the coating, which does not affect the appearance of the display

Data validation: The tests showed that after just 2 hours, the layer kills 99% of bacteria.

Use cases

medical devices

POS machines

public transportation

coffee machines

EV chargers

vending machines

A-BACT is an emerging science-based technology supported by venture builder